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Just follow the simple outlined steps and your ad will be live within a very short time.

If you are looking for a unit locally, go to || cars in Kenya|| to get the car of your choice.  if you would like to import a unit, check out “import a car” page or click “Contact for custom Order” if the unit you are looking for is not on our site, we will source it for you.

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Buy From Auction system through us;


  •  can now offer you auction bidding services.
  • You can select your bid from over 150,000 units per week.
  • Auction units are really clean, since they have not been exposed to sunlight and rain in the yards.
  • Our skilled staff can physically check the unit for you before bidding
  • You can select the unit of your choice according to your specifications
  • Our procurement systems help us keep our inventories full of the vehicles you want, 
  • and the prices you need. An extensive selection of high quality pre-owned vehicles,   


  • Before Auction we will always give our estimated sale's price (range) of the unit, the customer can then decide his maximum best bid price for the unit. 
  • After purchase, we will take the unit for inspection and ready it for shipment and book the vessel as per the consignee details indicated to us by the customer.
  • Once the unit is shipped, we will send all the original documents to the address provided by the customer.
  • In the case where a customer does not have clearing arrangements at Mombasa port, we will advise/provide reliable and trustworthy clearing agents to ensure a smooth process.